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Challenge 25

Alcohol consumption among under-18s at a record low in 2014, UK government statistics show

23 Jul 2015 | By Nigel Huddleston

New government statistics show that the number of 11- to 15-year-olds drinking alcohol has fallen to a record low.

Christine Tacon

Insights: Groceries Code Adjudicator urges trade to be more vocal despite a 'climate of fear' Subscription

21 Jul 2015 | By Erin Smith

Suppliers and retailer relations were under the spotlight at the Groceries Code Adjudicator’s recent annual conference and the industry is being urged to be more vocal despite ‘a climate of fear and an aspect of futility’.

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Rosie Davenport

Rosie Davenport: Can Conviviality’s bargaining win it Matthew Clark?

27 Jul 2015 | By Rosie Davenport

One of the more persistent rumours circulating the trade finally found some concrete grounds this month as Conviviality Retail put its head above the parapet and confirmed its intention to buy wholesaler Matthew Clark.

Jerry Lockspeiser

Jerry Lockspeiser encourages us all to break free and rebel when it comes to wine Subscription

27 Jul 2015 | By Jerry Lockspeiser

You know that feeling. For years you have been doing something that seems slightly illicit, almost shameful, then out of the blue someone knowledgeable tells you it’s OK. You don’t have to hide it any more. And you discover you are not alone. Lots of other people are doing it too. In fact it might even be a good thing!

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European Union

The Smith Report: Could the Greece debt crisis have implications for the wine trade? Subscription

17 Jul 2015 | By Erin Smith

Could the Greece debt crisis have implications for the wine trade? Take a loot at the events leading up to the dramatic collapse and what the uncertainty means for the wine world

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