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The bar features more than 100 gins distilled in the UK

Record-breaking year for gin makes it the success story of 2016, says WSTA

09 Dec 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

2016 has proved to be a record-breaking year for gin, with end of year sales continuing to soar.

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Drink's consultant or Sommelier?

Is staff recruitment a ticking time bomb? Subscription

09 Dec 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

According to Paul Jenkins, purchasing director at D&D hospitality group, recruiting and retaining staff isn’t just a perennial problem – it’s getting worse.

Brexit Jigsaw

Meeting the Brexit challenge Subscription

05 Dec 2016 | By Conal Gregory MW

The UK referendum decision on European Union membership surprised many, but while the parliamentary and legal bodies work through the most appropriate process to enact legislation, the wine and spirit trade can use the time to plan for change.

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Guy Woodward

Guy Woodward: Shouldn’t Rioja just keep things simple? Subscription

08 Dec 2016 | By Guy Woodward

It’s the impossible question. And also, of course, the one that members of the trade are most frequently asked. “What’s your favourite wine?” In the past, I always used to trot out the standard answer: “It depends” – on the occasion, the weather, the company, the mood and, of course, who’s paying.

Counterfeit wine

Tim Atkin MW: The rise of the counterfeit wine trade around the globe Subscription

05 Dec 2016 | By Tim Atkin

Investigative journalism is a dangerous business. Indeed, you could argue that in its purest form it’s often fatal.

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