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Stella Artois airship plans London fly-by

Published:  30 November, 1999

Stella Artois is raising its consumer profile during a key period for lager sales - with a unprecedented airborne sponsorship that will take the brand to a new level of success.

The UK's No 1 premium lager and leading take home alcoholic drinks brand is sponsoring a state-of-the-art airship that will take it's maiden voyage across London this summer - offering consumers their first-ever chance of a commercial flight.

The spectacular Stella Artois initiative promises to be the hottest ticket of the summer season - with just 1500 seats available for what is a once-in-a-lifetime flying experience. The airship, which features Stella Artois branding, takes to the skies on July 10 for six weeks of flights.

Andreas Hilger, Marketing Director of InBev UK, said: "Stella Artois is renowned for its innovation and pioneering spirit and this sponsorship maintains that track record of cutting-edge achievement in spectacular style.

"Stella Artois is synonymous with product quality, brewing craftsmanship and heritage; the airship is the embodiment of these qualities and provides the perfect association for the brand.

"The unique nature of this sponsorship will create an enormous amount of consumer interest and media noise' around Stella Artois over the summer months, the prime time for lager sales."

The 75-metre long Stella Artois airship will undertake between five and eight flights each day between July 10 and August 21 cruising across the London sky at speeds of 30-40mph at a height of some 300m.

It will carry 12 passengers, a pilot and one crew member on three different routes - with a duration of 30, 45 and 60 minutes respectively - all starting from Upminster airfield in north east London. It will take in Tower Bridge and Westminster on its serene journey across the capital - giving passengers a close-up view of the famous landscape below.

There has never been such a commercial airship service in the UK but they do operate in Germany and Japan.

Hilger added: "The airship is a modern engineering feat which reflects the craftsmanship and authenticity for which Stella Artois is renowned.

"This initiative reinforces the brand's Pass on Something Good' ad campaign by providing Londoners and tourists with the opportunity to enjoy a pioneering experience and will enhance their relationship with Stella Artois in the long-term.
"Ultimately, it will also reinforce positive consumer perceptions about Stella Artois which already leads other lager brands in terms of product quality and being worth paying more for', according to independent consumer research."

Passengers will begin their experience on arrival at the airfield where they will enter the "Star Over London" marquee and savour a Stella Artois in the bar area before the flight. Prices for flights range from 180 for the 30-minute trip to 295 for the 45-minute route and 350 for the hour-long flight.