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South Africa shorton goodwill

Published:  18 January, 2007

I am currently residing in East Anglia, where I am working my passage in the wine business. As a resident of South Africa I am enjoying the opportunity of being able to buy some great European wines, while at the same time taking the opportunity to promote those of my homeland too.

It riled me, therefore, to get a call from RSA Customs demanding 35 in taxes for two bottles - yes, TWO bottles - of decent French wine that I had sent home to my father for his birthday. (The value of the two bottles of wine was similar to the taxes being demanded.)

Would anyone working for the South African government in London care to justify this exorbitant charge.

And in a world where goodwill and enthusiasm can still go a long way - particularly in the wine trade - do they honestly expect me to continue to wave the flag for South African wine while the system back home appears to be intent on lining its pockets at my expense.

How would it be if Britain charged 210 a case duty/import tax on every case of South African wine coming into this country?

Craig Gorst-Allman