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Reader's Letter - A hand of friendship across a warzone

Published:  18 January, 2007

With regard to the articles on the Middle East conflict
(28 July 2006), I want to point out that it was not my intention to equate the Hezbollah with the Lebanese people - some of whom are friends of mine.

The war is a tragedy for the wine growers, winemakers and winery owners of both Lebanon - whom I respect and admire enormously - and Israel.

It should take less than a couple of hours to travel from the Bekaa Valley to the Upper Galilee. Not only are these

two regions close, but, not surprisingly, the terroir is very similar too. Israeli wines are maybe more New World', Lebanese wines more French in style. However, both Lebanon and Israel have made real strides towards greater quality in the last few years and both countries today have a number of wineries making truly international-class wines.

It is exciting that the eastern Mediterranean or Levant, where wine was so important 2,000 years ago, is once again host to such a vibrant, quality-driven, hopeful wine industry.

It is my dream to be able to visit the Lebanese wineries in the Bekaa Valley and taste their wonderful wines and invite them to the Galilee to taste Israeli wines. One day!

Perhaps if the people in our region drank more wine and less coffee that day would come closer!

I wish all those in the Lebanese and Israeli wine industries a safe, peaceful, quiet and uneventful harvest!

Adam Montefiore

Ra'anana, Israel