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Know your Cantenac-Browns from your Brane-Cantenacs

Published:  18 January, 2007

Stuart George owes me a bottle of the 7.99 Chilean Cabernet he promised to buy me (Harpers, 27 October) if I can identify the author of an Elizabethan sonnet.

Sir Philip Sidney is our man:

You that do dictionary's method bring

Into your rhymes, running in rattling rows;

You that poor Petrarch's long-deceased woes,

With new-born sighs and denizened wit do sing,

You take wrong ways, those far-fetched helps be such

As do betray a want of inward touch.'

I agree with the sentiments expressed by Sir Phil (1554-

1586) here and, by implication, Mr George himself. More shockingly, I plead guilty with regard to mixing up Cantenac-Brown and Brane-Cantenac, merely to make a pun work.

However, my scornful sentiments with regard to both of these Margaux remain, and I look forward to receipt of my bottle of Chilean Cab.

Malcolm Gluck