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Provenance assured for fine wine buyers

Published:  07 December, 2009

A new online wine service for shoppers who are are worried about the provenance and risks associated with badly stored fine wine is being launched with a guarantee of 100% tracebility.

Due to new technology, Bordeaux Provenance claim that wines sold via its online portal will reach fine wine buyers in optimal condition - offering authenticity from the chateau to the final destination.

The wines are given a five star certification which includes; dealing exclusively with Bordeaux Winebank that holds and manages ex-chateau wines which have been stored professionally in Bordeaux since bottling.

They are stored in a specially-selected warehouse equipped with computer operated surveillance, transported by renowned logistics provider Hillebrand and have guaranteed traceability via radio frequency identification.

Bordeaux Provenance is the first negiotiant to use eProvenance RFID (radio frequency identification) temperature monitoring technology which allows remote monitoring of temperature and humidity for all its shipments.

Founder of Bordeaux Winebank, Henning Thoresen said: "Modern technology has helped advance virtually all areas of the wine world, however, collectors don't always know where their wine has come from, how it's been stored and transported or where it's been since the release from the chateau.

Wines can change up to 10 times before they are received, being moved from place to place, in and out of different temperature zones, "shaken and stirred" constantly during the last 25 years, but the wine collector won't know - until they open the bottle to taste it, and then it's too late.

"The objective of Bordeaux Winebank has always been to offer wine lovers around the world the possibility to collect, drink and enjoy the great wines of Bordeaux as they would in the same condition as at the chateau, irrespective of whether they are in New York, London, Hong Kong or Tokyo."