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Richard Siddle: comment February 10

Published:  10 February, 2011

Hands up who does not own or use something with a little "i" in front of it? Be it i-tunes, i-Pod and now the latest must have i-Pad, there can be no bigger example of the impact true innovation can have on consumers. And that means all consumers. Be it the trendiest or nerdiest teenager through to the oldest, grumpiest, wannabe swinger in town.

To a cynical mind the impact of Apple's range of "i" products has only been possible due to the dearth of genuine innovation that has existed in the worlds it now dominates.

It is the kind of bright, blue sky thinking we are looking for as part of our new Innovation for the Nation initiative. OK it sounds a bit pompous, but then we are trying to do something that is genuinely new, different and demands a bit of your attention.

Along with those very creative folk at specialist drinks design agency, Stranger & Stranger, and the support of Dan Jago and the drinks department at Tesco, we are in a unique position of being able to run a competition for a unique drinks product, concept, design or whatever that will actually end up in store.

Tesco is ready, in the words of Dan Jago, to "put its money where its mouth is" and give the winning design the chance to prove its worth in an initial 100 stores later in the year, with the promise of rolling it out to more if it proves a success.

So it's not every day of the week we get the chance to offer you a listing in Tesco, so we hope you are going to jolly well make the most of it.

The initiative is open to anyone in the trade, be it a company or individual and to those outside the industry. We hope it will help shine some positive light on the sector and get us all thinking about the impossible for a change. Or should that be impossible. That's one "I" Apple has yet to claim for itself.