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Yvon Mau vents frustrations over en primeur campaign

Published:  20 June, 2011

French negociant Yvon Mau has spoken out about its frustrations over how this year's en primeur campaign has been handled by the main Bordeaux houses.

It believes many of the Bordeaux producers risk treating the trade with a lack of respect by holding back prices for so long and then releasing many at the same time without the space for the market to respond.

Philippe Laquèche, managing director of Yvon Mau, told Harpers at today's Vinexpo exhibition in Bordeaux, that the behaviour of many of the chateaux was making the lives of the negociants "very difficult". "There is a danger that many in the trade will not understand what Bordeaux is doing. Many of the chateaux are in danger of forgetting the relationships they have with many in the trade," he said.

He said those producers that feel they can sell what they like in the Asian markets could be in for a shock. "There is an assumption that you can sell anything in the Asian markets, but that is not the case. They are reluctant to buy wines which they think are priced too high or that they think they can not get a good sell on value for."

That said the appeal and allure of Bordeaux in Asia was a great opportunity for companies like Yvon Mau. "The demand is there for brand Bordeaux. It not the same for the super
Tuscans or the super Californians. Our job is to make sure we make it happen for other segments of the Bordeaux market other than the Grand Crus."

He added: "You can get maximum pleasure from eight to 20 euro Bordeaux wines now. I am sure many of those wines would do well in a tasting with Grand Crus from 15 years ago."