Show of solidarity saves French wine business from collapse

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Provence vineyard Château de Roquefort has been saved from ruin by a group of producers who gathered in support after its vines were wrecked by hail.


A leader in France's biodynamic movement, Raimond de Villeneuve's business faced collapse after his vines were completely stripped of grapes in a hailstorm on July 1.


In a heartwarming display of solidarity from fellow winegrowers throughout Provence and the southern Rhône, de Villeneuve was given grapes or juice (with free carriage provided by a transport company) from 36 vignerons.


The donations have allowed him to continue his work and vinify and produce two red wines, one rosé and one white which will be bottled early next year under the appellation IGP Méditerranée, after French customs agreed to waive the usual arrangements.


The wine faces one final, major administrative hurdle, being approved by the fraud service . If successful it will be labelled Coup de Pouce, which translates as 'with a little help from my friends' and marketed as planned.


The names of the 36 friends will appear on the label:

Château de Beaupré
Château de Pibarnon 
Château La Coste
Château de La Noblesse
Château Les Mesclances
Château Pradeaux
Château Revelette
Château Sainte-Anne
Château Sulauze
Château Vignelaure
Domaine de Gayolle
Domaine de La Bastide Blanche
Domaine de La Bégude
Domaine de La Mongestine
Domaine de La Réaltière
Domaine de la Tour du Bon
Domaines Ott
Domaine de Saint Bacchi
Domaine de Trévallon
Domaines Bunan
Domaine du Bagnol
Domaine du Coulet
Domaine du Sans Regret
Domaine du Trapadis
Domaine Henri Milan
Domaine La Fourmente
Domaine La Suffrene
Domaine Les Béates
Domaine Les Luquettes
Domaine Les Terres Promises
Domaine Pinchinat
Domaine Richeaume
Domaine Sorin
Domaine Saint Louis-Jayne
Domaine Tempier
Mas Juliette

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