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Wine and Spirits Education Trust

Chief of the Week: Ian Harris and the WSET

24 Apr 2015 | By Claret Pimpernel

We raise a glass to The Wine & Spirit Education Trust and chief executive Ian Harris today for all the work that they have been doing over the decades to educate both those in the trade and consumers about wine.

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Richard Siddle

Richard Siddle: "I’d like to raise a glass to you all…"

10 Apr 2015 | By Richard Siddle

When I joined Harpers eight years ago I have to admit I was very much an outsider joining the world of wine and spirits.  

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Guillaume Deglise, Vinexpo CEO: Despite US wine market growth, UK is still powerful Subscription

14 Apr 2015 | By Guillaume Deglise

When I announced in London recently that the USA was the world’s biggest wine consumer and that the Chinese are tipped to drink more red wine than anyone else, it was clearly unexpected news for many.

Anne-Claude Leflaive

Tim Atkin MW: Burgundy mourns the passing of Anne-Claude Leflaive Subscription

10 Apr 2015 | By Tim Atkin

Anne-Claude Leflaive was sometimes described as one of Burgundy’s “grandes dames” but there was nothing aloof about the woman who ran the most famous white wine domaine in the Côte de Beaune. Relaxed, friendly, yet intensely focused, Anne-Claude inherited the easy charm and sense of humour of her father, Vincent, who preceded her at the helm of this prestigious property.


Guy Woodward: Takes a look at the Cognac conundrum Subscription

10 Apr 2015 | By Guy Woodward

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve ordered Cognac. Like crystal meth and Bikram yoga, it’s simply not something by which I’ve ever been tempted.

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Naked wines

A Majestic State of Nakedness

15 Apr 2015 | By Richard Saxton

A short blog reviewing the surprising news which saw Majestic acquire Naked Wines

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Cape Mentelle

Taste Test - A Cape Mentelle Double Act

13 Apr 2015 | By Richard Saxton

A review of the Sauvignon/Semillon 2014 and the Cabernet/Merlot 2013

Richard Siddle

Harpers Wine without Siddle is like Top Gear without Clarkson

11 Apr 2015 | By Stephen Forward

Like many people, I was taken by complete surprise on Friday when the announcement came that Richard Siddle was leaving Harpers. When I read the news I felt like someone had just punched me in the stomach; I genuinely felt sick; and I felt I’d lost a true colleague and friend.

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