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Jerry Locskpeiser

Jerry Lockspeiser: The question every wine veteran gets asked- what is the BEST wine?

18 Sep 2015 | By Jerry Lockspeiser

It happened again last week. I was on a flight from Mallorca to London City airport. It was one of those small planes with just two seats either side of the gangway. She was in an aisle seat and I was bolted in next to the window. I was trapped and I wanted to lie.

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Daunia Undulating Agricultural Panorama


15 Sep 2015 | By Gilbert Winfield

Daunia Rurale, also known as the ‘Alto Tavoliere’ or Northern Apulia Tableland, is an area of flat land approximately bordered by Molise to the north, Campania to the west, and the Gargano promontory to the east.

Time for calorific information displayed on wine labels?

18 Jul 2015 | By Millennial_Wineman

As a consumer of wine, should there be calorie/sugar content labels made visible on wine bottles?

Fresh Whites Replacing Traditional Aged Whites in Rioja?

04 May 2015 | By Marisa D'Vari

"Marqués de Cáceres Verdejo is by far our best selling white wine. We believe that the fruit that the Verdejo delivers along with its rich aromas can fit in the palate of consumers that enjoy the Sauvignon Blanc. Our Verdejo has successfully replaced Viura because of the fresh and fruity style that we have always put into our whites. Also, the American palate is ready to enjoy the uniqueness of the Verdejo. There was not a leading Verdejo producer in the US market until we arrive. We saw ...

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