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Beers direct to your office

Craft beers direct to your office thanks to Deskbeers service

22 Aug 2014 | By Richard Siddle

The saying going there is no such thing as a new original business idea, which is probably why there is an equally popular phrase – the greatest form of flattery is imitation. Well here’s a business idea that could very easily be adapted to the wine and spirits world. Deskbeers.


    Mike Beavan

    My Choice: Mike Beavan of Coe Vintners on drinking Riesling with Aerosmith

    13 Aug 2014

     Mike Beavan, sales director at Coe Vintners, steps up to the plate to give his run down of faovurite wines and spirits and where he likes to drink them.    

    St Bart's Brewery

    James Steen takes trip down memory lane at St Bart's Brewery in Smithfield

    12 Aug 2014 | By James Steen

    There are several ways to reach Smithfield, home of the newly opened St Bart’s Brewery. You can take the bus or a cab, or if you happen to be a side of beef or a carcass of lamb then a refrigerated van from the slaughterhouse to this ancient London meat market is the preferred option.

    Mike Ratcliffe

    Mike Ratcliffe: Leadership changes will shake up South African wine industry Subscription

    12 Aug 2014 | By Mike Ratcliffe

    A lack of visionary and legitimate leadership has long been a thorn in the side of the South African wine industry.

    Ross Sleet

    Cape Legends Ross Sleet harks back through the years of South African wine

    11 Aug 2014

    View from the Cape: Ross Sleet, marketing director, Cape Legends, Stellenbosch, South Africa Nostalgia is in. Old is the new new. Mad Men aside, major brands around the globe have been tapping into this mega consumer trend for almost a decade. From the relaunch of Cadbury’s Wispa bar in 2008 to the re-emergence of decades-old fashion trends, everything your grandma loved is back and selling like hot ...

    Tim Atkin

    Tim Atkin: why the Chinese wine market is so hard to predict Subscription

    08 Aug 2014 | By Tim Atkin

    First time visitors to Beijing are often struck by the pollution that seems to blanket the city on a daily basis, reducing visibility and filling lungs with undesirable gunk. It’s a symbol of China’s rush towards industrialisation, as well as the lack of environmental checks and controls. But it’s tempting to see it as a metaphor, too, not least for the wine industry. Trying to understand what is going on in China can feel like staring into a Stygian fug at times.  

    Guy Woodward

    Guy Woodward: it's the people we remember not their wine Subscription

    08 Aug 2014 | By Guy Woodward

    In wine as in life, one of the most common mistakes people make is to assume other people know what they’re talking about. Enthusiasts, in particular, are wont to believe that everyone else is as interested in a subject as they are. In most cases, I’m afraid to say, they’re not.

    "If Carlsberg did Wine & Spirits"

    For future growth Carlsberg must succeed in wine as well as beer, says James Lousada Subscription

    08 Aug 2014 | By Richard Siddle

    As Carlsberg’s specialist wine and spirits division, now called Crown Cellars, celebrates over 20 years, the brewer’s UK chief executive, James Lousada, explains to Richard Siddle why wines and spirits are now so important to the group

    Pierre Levron

    Big interview: Pierre Levron on why Costco takes wines and spirits so seriously Subscription

    08 Aug 2014 | By Andrew Don

    Costco likes to pile it high, so if you secure a listing there you can expect to see sales take off overnight. Pierre Levron explains to Andrew Don why the wholesaler takes beers, wines and spirits so seriously

    Miles Beale

    WSTA's Miles Beale gears up for the next battle to cut wine duty

    04 Jul 2014 | By Gemma McKenna

    Fresh from victory in the battle against hiking alcohol duty ever-upwards, the Wine & Spirit Trade Association’s chief executive is already champing at the bit to secure a fair duty level next time around.


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