Richard Siddle, editor of Harpers Wine & Spirit

Richard Siddle: all eyes on Tesco to take lead in retailer supplier relations

12 Jan 2015 | By Richard Siddle

When over 200 businesses are moved to fill in an in-depth, 20 question survey online in the week before Christmas you know you have hit a nerve.

Guy Woodward @guyawoodward

2014 Review and Hopes and Fears for 2015: Guy Woodward

23 Dec 2014 | By Guy Woodward

Harpers columnist Guy Woodward is the latest in our line-up of key industry figures to share their thoughts on 2014 and their predictions for 2015 with you.  

Richard Siddle, editor and chief, of Harpers Wine & Spirit

Richard Siddle: Why we just can't get enough of online shopping

05 Dec 2014 | By Richard Siddle

The time it will take you to read this first paragraph is all it now takes to buy a loved one a special present for Christmas. The speed, reliability and ultimately convenience of shopping online now means it is quite acceptable to give even your nearest and dearest a gift that comes wrapped in cardboard through the post.

Tim Atkin

Tim Atkin MW: Why we must all share the blame for cheap wine Subscription

05 Dec 2014 | By Tim Atkin

Mad Frankie Fraser, the notorious gangster who died last week, was famous for using pliers to extract his victims’ teeth under torture. One hesitates to say that the wine trade could have used the skills of a man who worked for both the Kray twins and the Richardson gang, but there are times when persuading consumers to trade up can feel like pulling molars.

Guy Woodward @guyawoodward

Guy Woodward: The wine industry could learn so much from friendly coffee baristas Subscription

05 Dec 2014 | By Guy Woodward

On the face of it, Waitrose’s commitment to making its beer, wine and spirits departments “destinations” in their own right is a no-brainer.

Tim Atkin MW

Tim Atkin: why consumers could fall out of love with Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc Subscription

07 Nov 2014 | By Tim Atkin

Some milestones make you think. Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the founding of Cloudy Bay, one of the most successful wine brands ever, and a label that helped to launch an entire region.

Guy Woodward

Guy Woodward: even Champagne has a lot to learn about consumers Subscription

07 Nov 2014 | By Guy Woodward

Comedian and writer David Mitchell is among the more perceptive columnists for the once great Observer, so it was with interest that I read his piece on how the taste of Champagne doesn’t matter. When it comes to serving sparkling wine, he claimed, so long as it has bubbles, and says Champagne and not Cava on the label, any further qualities are immaterial.


Please Sir, I want some more?

24 Jan 2015 | By Stephen Forward

I've heard it all this week. It turns out that Majestic wine, of all companies, has done an Oliver Twist. They've colluded with a bunch of other apparently destitute wine merchants by writing an open letter begging their Bordeaux suppliers; asking: Please Sir, I want some more?

New Street Wine Shop, London

New Street Wine Shop changes strategy by consumer demand Subscription

09 Jan 2015 | By Richard Foster

After two years of trading, London’s New Street Wine Shop is thriving. But, as Richard Foster discovers, its customers have entirely up-ended the original business plan

Rowan Gormley

Rowan Gormley tells the naked truth about Naked Wines Subscription

09 Jan 2015 | By Erin Smith

No one can deny Naked Wines has an innovative business model, but is it everything it claims to be? Erin Smith asks founder Rowan Gormley to reveal all

Marc Patch

GM Drinks shows how cash and carry sector can be key to future sales

09 Jan 2015 | By Richard Siddle

GM Drinks has been in business for three years and is already distributing a million bottles a year. Richard Siddle talks to founder Marc Patch about succeeding in the cash-and-carry sector

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