Jason Wilson

Jason Wilson joins the white wine appreciation society

06 Oct 2014 | By Jason Wilson

It’s easy enough for wine geeks to roll their eyes or poke fun at the Summer of Riesling, the popular annual campaign/movement here in the US that’s just ended – and will finally be retired – after a seven-summer run.

Richard Siddle

Richard Siddle: time to put retailer and supplier relations on a fairer footing

03 Oct 2014 | By Richard Siddle

The fallout from Tesco hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons - and overstating its profits to the tune of some £250 million - could be felt by everyone in the grocery retail sector, never mind the suspended Tesco executives currently re-evaluating their careers.

Tim Atkin

Tim Atkin on why modern winemaking is a breath of fresh air Subscription

03 Oct 2014 | By Tim Atkin

“To thine own self be true.” Polonius’ advice to his son Laertes in Hamlet is arguably easier to give than to follow. Most of us make regular compromises in our personal and professional lives. We don’t lie to ourselves exactly, but we fall short of the absolute standards to which we aspire.

The Three Wine Men are the closest thing wine has to the mass popularity of Top Gear

Guy Woodward: Hegarty's right - we need to follow Top Gear to sell wine Subscription

03 Oct 2014 | By Guy Woodward

It didn’t come as a huge surprise when Sir John Hegarty used his WSTA conference key note speech to deliver a withering assessment of the wine trade’s relationship with its audience. One of the foremost marketing exponents of his generation, Hegarty knows a thing or two about generating headlines. ‘Appalling’, ...

Mike Paul

Mike Paul's 7 steps to success with new product developement in wine

23 Sep 2014 | By Mike Paul

One comment on my recent piece on the importance of branding  was that it is all very easy to argue that one should invest in branding but it would be rather more useful, at least  to those already ‘converted’, to provide some insights into how best this might be achieved.

Richard Siddle

Richard Siddle: time to stand up and applaud Majestic and Oddbins

08 Sep 2014 | By Richard Siddle

For my sins I have spent the best part of the last 20 years writing about and reporting on the UK retail sector.  In that time I have come to respect, perhaps even love some of the country’s most well-known retail brands, some of which can rightly be described as amongst the best in the world.

Guy Woodward

Guy Woodward admires how Napa Valley took the Californian earthquake in its stride Subscription

06 Sep 2014 | By Guy Woodward

It was 3.20am on a Sunday morning when the earthquake struck. If there can ever be a good time for the almighty’s mysterious ways to take their course, this was surely it. Wineries were empty, the harvest not yet brought in, vats largely unused. One can only imagine the carnage had the 6.0 tremor struck 10 days later, during working hours, as the mass of hired hands were stacking up pallet upon pallet of grapes inside Napa cellars.

Piper-Heidsieck Chef de Caves Régis Camus’ 20th anniversary

23 Oct 2014 | By Marisa D'Vari

Mr. Camus joined Piper Heidsieck in 1994, quickly proving himself a master blender and taking an interest in every aspect of winemaking. "Style and quality are the result of many subjective decisions taken throughout the process as a whole, from harvesting right through to shipping. Therefore, one must be mult-italented, know what one wants and accept no compromise whatsoever as far as quality is concerned."

Mark Dally

Mark Dally on driving wine across Fuller’s 400 pubs and hotels Subscription

06 Oct 2014 | By Nigel Huddleston

Think of Fuller’s and you think of beer. The west London-based group owns nearly 400 pubs and hotels, and the guest beer and take-home market has made its London Pride one of the most popular ale brands in the UK, writes Nigel Huddleston.

Ayo Akintola; the man leading Oddbins' revival

How Oddbins has defied its critics to bounce back to winning ways Subscription

05 Sep 2014 | By Gemma McKenna

In three years Oddbins has risen from death’s door to win IWC High Street Retailer of the Year. Gemma McKenna meets Ayo Akintola, its Renaissance Man

Richard Rushton

Distell's Richard Rushton earns his stripes Subscription

05 Sep 2014 | By Erin Smith

In his first major UK interview, Distell’s Richard Rushton reveals his big plans for the company’s wine division, as Erin Smith reports

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