Martin Perez Cambet

Chief of the Week: Martin Perez Cambet, Casarena Winery

10 Apr 2015 | By Richard Siddle

Working on this side of the fence you sometimes wander who is actually reading all (or any) of the news and copy that we diligently write every day - and where in the world they are if they do.

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Spirits Roundtable

Premium Spirits Round table: Defining premium spirits Subscription

14 Apr 2015 | By Erin Smith

Artisanal spirits may be all the rage, but, at a recently hosted roundtable, a panel of leading buyers and producers debated whether that meant they were premium.

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Richard Siddle

Richard Siddle: "I’d like to raise a glass to you all…"

10 Apr 2015 | By Richard Siddle

When I joined Harpers eight years ago I have to admit I was very much an outsider joining the world of wine and spirits.  

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