Alistair Pyatt's chance meeting with the Chancellor George Osborne

How Jascot's Alastair Pyatt "persuaded" the Chancellor to freeze wine duty

23 Mar 2015 | By Richard Siddle

So here’s us all thinking it was the gallant combined efforts of a cross industry high profile campaign that convinced the Chancellor, George Osborne, to freeze the duty on wine in last week’s Budget. Well think again.

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Vin-X's Peter Shakeshaft

En primeur risks "exodus" unless it rebalances, Vin-X boss warns

17 Mar 2015 | By Arabella Mileham

A fine wine investment expert has warned that the en primeur system risks seeing an exodus of châteaux from the system and negociants going to the wall, unless it gets its pricing “right”.

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Richard Siddle, editor, Harpers Wine & Spirit

Richard Siddle: can independents (and their suppliers) grasp their moment in the limelight?

09 Mar 2015 | By Richard Siddle

We hear (and we write) a lot about how important the independent sector is to the future of the wine and spirits sector.

Richard Siddle, editor and chief, of Harpers Wine & Spirit

Richard Siddle: why Tesco's product cull will impact everyone in the trade

06 Feb 2015 | Updated: 06 Feb 2015 | By Richard Siddle

Here are a few questions for you? Do you work with any of the major supermarkets? If so do you ever take a close look at what is happening in any other aisle of the store other than wine and spirits?  I mean do you assess how a particular category like confectionery, health and beauty or crisps and snacks is merchandised?  How many suppliers in that fixture that retailer works with? What sort of promotions they are running? If you don’t then you need to.

Richard Siddle, editor and chief, of Harpers Wine & Spirit

Richard Siddle: all eyes on Tesco to take lead in retailer supplier relations

12 Jan 2015 | By Richard Siddle

When over 200 businesses are moved to fill in an in-depth, 20 question survey online in the week before Christmas you know you have hit a nerve.

Richard Siddle

Richard Siddle: Why we just can't get enough of online shopping

05 Dec 2014 | By Richard Siddle

The time it will take you to read this first paragraph is all it now takes to buy a loved one a special present for Christmas. The speed, reliability and ultimately convenience of shopping online now means it is quite acceptable to give even your nearest and dearest a gift that comes wrapped in cardboard through the post.

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