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Diego Muntoni

Q&A: Diego Muntoni, head sommelier, OXO Restaurant

12 Jan 2015

From the whiff of fermenting grapes at his family’s vineyard to his first job behind a bar, the OXO Restaurant’s head sommelier guides us through his career so far

Pierre-Henry Gagey

Q&A: Pierre-Henry Gagey, president, Maison Louis Jadot Subscription

11 Jan 2015 | By Anne Krebiehl MW

Pierre-Henry Gagey has been with Maison Louis Jadot since 1984 and became president in 1992, following in the footsteps of his father who had joined in 1954 to become its director in 1962. He talks to Anne Krebiehl MW about the prices of the 2013 en primeur campaign and the challenges facing Burgundy now

Rowan Gormley

Rowan Gormley tells the naked truth about Naked Wines Subscription

09 Jan 2015 | By Erin Smith

No one can deny Naked Wines has an innovative business model, but is it everything it claims to be? Erin Smith asks founder Rowan Gormley to reveal all

  • bottles perfume and wine

    Smell of EX-cess

    What could the wine industry learn from the perfume one?

  • Majestic

    Please Sir, I want some more?

    I've heard it all this week. It turns out that Majestic wine, of all companies, has done an Oliver Twist. They've colluded with a bunch of other apparently destitute wine merchants by writing an open letter begging their Bordeaux suppliers; asking: Please Sir, I want some more?

  • A&E

    Competitive advantage through customer experience

    News emerged this week that A&E waiting times in the UK have reached record levels. This is bad news on several fronts but, if my family are anything to go by, the A&E crisis may be partially attributable to the nation’s deteriorating cooking skills.

  • Maryhill Winery Amphitheatre

    A real glass act

    Show me a real man that doesn't like a bit of willie and I’ll show you a squirrel that doesn't like nuts!

  • Bordeaux should resist calls

    Why Bordeaux producers should resist calls to ‘reduce’ their 2014 prices

    Wine investors have been bitching about Bordeaux release prices for the last few years. According to investors, for the 2014 release, “The pressure will be on the producers to get their prices right”. But what is the ‘right price’ and in whose interest is this ’right price’?

  • Victorian torture device

    Stephen Forward: are zero-hour contracts an employment tool or Victorian torture?

    There’s been a lot of bad press lately on the subject of zero-hours contracts. The Labour party have pledged to abolish them if they win the next election. So what are zero-hours contracts exactly, why do employers use them, and how do they work in practice?

  • C:\Users\mdvari\Desktop\IL-Boscareto-jacuzzi

    Wine Country Resort Review: 5 Star Il Boscareto Resort

    Lovers of both the modern and traditional style of Barolo will definitely be attracted to the very modern, five star Il Boscareto Resort, located in Serralunga d’Alba, which appeals to all the senses in its gorgeously designed rooms and suites, state of the art spa, very well appointed exercise room, and of course its two restaurants. The fine dining restaurant has an excellent selection of vintage wines from the region’s producers, and it’s where the top producers often gather for celebratory .

  • Interview with Ze'ev Dunie of Seahorse Winery

    Interview with Ze'ev Dunie of Seahorse Winery, Judea Hills

  • The Hunted

    Stephen Forward: drinks industry under attack!

    If you thought fox hunting had been banned, think again. It appears the concept has just mutated. Some people still get a thrill from the chase, so while it may be illegal to hunt and kill bushy tailed carnivorous mammals using horns, dogs and horses, a new form of hunting has now evolved.

  • What's a hundred grand anyway?

    Whatever happened to common sense?

    We've all heard the term “more money than sense”, haven’t we? Well, recently I was offered a case of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti 2011, at a mere £100,000 per dozen.

  • Piper-Heidsieck Chef de Caves Régis Camus’ 20th anniversary

    Mr. Camus joined Piper Heidsieck in 1994, quickly proving himself a master blender and taking an interest in every aspect of winemaking. "Style and quality are the result of many subjective decisions taken throughout the process as a whole, from harvesting right through to shipping. Therefore, one must be mult-italented, know what one wants and accept no compromise whatsoever as far as quality is concerned."

  • Wine Investment

    It’s time wine investment was confined to the history books

    This year has seen a string of investment companies go to the wall. Misguided speculators are learning the hard way that the whole concept of wine as an investment class asset is little more than fool’s gold.

  • Add Value

    Add value to the supply chain, or move over!

    Little did I know back then, over forty years ago when I was just knee high to a grasshopper, how important my hobby was to the retail supply chain.

  • The Bay at night

    A Tasting of BA's Club World Wines

    Wine tasting of BA's club class wines on a flight to and from San Francisco recently. The wine was good, the company fantastic, and the beds magnificent. Try it!

  • Pairing Madeira Wine with Fine Cuisine

    The evening offered a number of delightful surprises, showcasing how well Madeira can be paired with cuisine. For example, the foie gras pictured above was paired with not one but two wines, Hendriques & Hendriques 15 Anos (years) Verdelho, a drier style, as well as the sweeter Blandy's Malmsey 10 Anos. At the end of the pairing, Rui asked the group what they preferred, and most preferred the drier Verdelho yet it was a fun experiment.

  • POP

    Protect your gross margin from surprise supplier price hikes

    It‘s an all too familiar problem Indies face. You sell out of wine, so you phone or email your supplier to order some more. The wine arrives from bond, DPD. You unpack the boxes and place the bottles on your shelves. Low and behold, within a few days you've sold the bulk of the wine you've just received. You’re a happy little wine merchant! At least you are for now.

  • christobal

    Meeting Cristobal Undurraga of Chile's Vina Koyle

    At first handshake, Cristobal is very friendly, forthcoming, and extremely creative when it comes to his stories about how he grows, blends, and matures wine on the 1,000 hectare estate, with just 120 ha suitable for planting.

  • panoramic2

    Visit to Monte Bello with the Legendary Paul Draper

    A visit to California to stay with friends in Santa Clara, just south of San Francisco, started with the principle that this was a wine drinking, not wine tasting trip. No vineyard visits, just barbecues, some sightseeing, and a bit of healthy imbibing. So of course, when we realised that our friends lived about 20 minutes away from Ridge Vineyards, we called and made an appointment straight away. For my sins, I worked for Steven Spurrier in the early 80s while his wine ‘empire’ was still ...

  • Stop Duty Now

    What are the chances of a pre-election duty cut?

    News emerged this week that the Wine & Spirit Trade Association wants the industry to push for a cut of up to 2% in duty ahead of the pre-election budget.

  • Union Jack

    Will the Scottish entrepreneurial spirit be the breakup of the Union?

    This week saw the Yes campaign edge ahead in the latest “serious” opinion poll. As an Englishman with no connections to Scotland, this is indeed cause for cheer.

More people news

Marc Patch

GM Drinks shows how cash and carry sector can be key to future sales

09 Jan 2015 | By Richard Siddle

GM Drinks has been in business for three years and is already distributing a million bottles a year. Richard Siddle talks to founder Marc Patch about succeeding in the cash-and-carry sector


Direct Wines' new chief David Thatcher shares his vision Subscription

07 Jan 2015 | By Gemma McKenna

David Thatcher, incoming group chief executive of Direct Wines, tells us how he is planning to build on the group’s successful formula, ramp up personalisation and how Prosecco outsold Champagne 2:1 over Christmas.

Serge Hochar: a legend of the Lebanese wine industry

Obituary: Serge Hochar of Lebanon’s Château Musar

04 Jan 2015 | By Michael Karam

Michael Karam, acclaimed journalist, ambassador for Lebanese wine and author of  Wines of Lebanon remembers, Serge Hochar, the charismatic and buccaneering owner of Lebanon’s Château Musar, who died at the age of 74, while on holiday with his family in Mexico over the new year.    

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Anne-Catherine  Vigoroux on what to expect at the French Discoveries Tasting in January

Anne-Catherine Vigouroux on what to expect at January's French Wine Discoveries tasting

17 Dec 2014

Ahead of January’s French Wine Discoveries tasting at London’s Tobacco Dock Anne-Catherine Vigouroux  of organisers, WIne4Trade, explains what visitors can expect from the 120 exhibitors taking part at the event on January 13.

Rodrigo Zamorano of Caliterra

Caliterra's Rodrigo Zamorano on making wines that change people's perceptions of Chile

12 Dec 2014 | By Helen Arnold

Chilean winery Errazuriz, established over 130 years ago, has owned Caliterra since 2004. Helen Arnold talks to its chief winemaker, Rodrigo Zamorano, about his new Edicion Limitada range, and the changing face of Chilean wine.

Cherie Spriggs, head winemaker, Nyetimber

Q&A: Cherie Spriggs, Nyetimber Subscription

08 Dec 2014 | By Erin Smith

Nyetimber is on a roll this year after its Classic Cuvée 2009 won two trophies at this year’s International Wine Challenge. Harpers.co.uk caught up with head winemaker Cherie Spriggs to ask what drew her towards the iconic label and where she plans to take it next.

Sophia Warner, co-founder, Pebbles Project

Sophia Warner of the Pebbles Projects talks about 10 years of changing lives in South Africa's winelands

05 Dec 2014

As the Pebbles Project celebrates its 10th year, co-founder Sophia Warner explains how the trade has helped provide support and education to children in South Africa’s winelands and what a difference it makes.

The Spirit Cartel brand map

Spirit Cartel drives growth through its premium range of spirits for the on-trade Subscription

05 Dec 2014 | By Richard Siddle

Too often the world of high-end spirits can be a very grown-up affair, but not at Spirit Cartel, which is having great fun making a name for itself with an award-winning range of premium spirits.

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