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The GOAT's Steve Manktelow

Steve Manktelow on the fun, excitement and mystery of the GOAT in Chelsea

13 Oct 2014 | By Douglas Blyde

Douglas Blyde speaks to Steve Manktelow on a career in bars and cocktails that has seen him work with legends like Dick Bradsell to running his own operation at the GOAT in Chelsea.

Ataraxia's Kevin Grant

Ataraxia's Kevin Grant on why terroir is now central to South African winemaking Subscription

10 Oct 2014 | By Douglas Blyde

“It’s been a long time coming, and if fear were the basis on which decisions were made, then Ataraxia would never have been born,” says South African winemaker, Kevin Grant of his latest, patiently-maturing winemaking venture.

Peter Borg-Neal is quietly buidling up a strong on-trade chain

Peter Borg-Neal on developing a regional chain with Oakman Inns Subscription

09 Oct 2014 | By Fiona Griffiths

Fiona Griffiths talks to entrepreneur Peter Borg-Neal about his 10-strong (and growing) Hertfordshire-based group of pubs and restaurants, Oakman Inns.

  • What's a hundred grand anyway?

    Whatever happened to common sense?

    We've all heard the term “more money than sense”, haven’t we? Well, recently I was offered a case of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti 2011, at a mere £100,000 per dozen.

  • Piper-Heidsieck Chef de Caves Régis Camus’ 20th anniversary

    Mr. Camus joined Piper Heidsieck in 1994, quickly proving himself a master blender and taking an interest in every aspect of winemaking. "Style and quality are the result of many subjective decisions taken throughout the process as a whole, from harvesting right through to shipping. Therefore, one must be mult-italented, know what one wants and accept no compromise whatsoever as far as quality is concerned."

  • Wine Investment

    It’s time wine investment was confined to the history books

    This year has seen a string of investment companies go to the wall. Misguided speculators are learning the hard way that the whole concept of wine as an investment class asset is little more than fool’s gold.

  • Add Value

    Add value to the supply chain, or move over!

    Little did I know back then, over forty years ago when I was just knee high to a grasshopper, how important my hobby was to the retail supply chain.

  • The Bay at night

    A Tasting of BA's Club World Wines

    Wine tasting of BA's club class wines on a flight to and from San Francisco recently. The wine was good, the company fantastic, and the beds magnificent. Try it!

  • Pairing Madeira Wine with Fine Cuisine

    The evening offered a number of delightful surprises, showcasing how well Madeira can be paired with cuisine. For example, the foie gras pictured above was paired with not one but two wines, Hendriques & Hendriques 15 Anos (years) Verdelho, a drier style, as well as the sweeter Blandy's Malmsey 10 Anos. At the end of the pairing, Rui asked the group what they preferred, and most preferred the drier Verdelho yet it was a fun experiment.

  • POP

    Protect your gross margin from surprise supplier price hikes

    It‘s an all too familiar problem Indies face. You sell out of wine, so you phone or email your supplier to order some more. The wine arrives from bond, DPD. You unpack the boxes and place the bottles on your shelves. Low and behold, within a few days you've sold the bulk of the wine you've just received. You’re a happy little wine merchant! At least you are for now.

  • christobal

    Meeting Cristobal Undurraga of Chile's Vina Koyle

    At first handshake, Cristobal is very friendly, forthcoming, and extremely creative when it comes to his stories about how he grows, blends, and matures wine on the 1,000 hectare estate, with just 120 ha suitable for planting.

  • panoramic2

    Visit to Monte Bello with the Legendary Paul Draper

    A visit to California to stay with friends in Santa Clara, just south of San Francisco, started with the principle that this was a wine drinking, not wine tasting trip. No vineyard visits, just barbecues, some sightseeing, and a bit of healthy imbibing. So of course, when we realised that our friends lived about 20 minutes away from Ridge Vineyards, we called and made an appointment straight away. For my sins, I worked for Steven Spurrier in the early 80s while his wine ‘empire’ was still ...

  • Stop Duty Now

    What are the chances of a pre-election duty cut?

    News emerged this week that the Wine & Spirit Trade Association wants the industry to push for a cut of up to 2% in duty ahead of the pre-election budget.

  • Union Jack

    Will the Scottish entrepreneurial spirit be the breakup of the Union?

    This week saw the Yes campaign edge ahead in the latest “serious” opinion poll. As an Englishman with no connections to Scotland, this is indeed cause for cheer.

  • Partnership

    How the wrong business partner can seriously damage your wealth?

    A few years ago I entered into a legally binding agreement with a new business partner, although it seems I wasn't really paying too much attention at the time.

  • Dick-a-dum-dum

    There’s more to wine and music pairing than I first thought

    In a previous blog I was mocking the idea of music and wine pairing by suggesting that to do so is bordering on the moronic. How wrong I was!

  • Flag

    Scotland votes, but why should anyone care about the result?

    There was yet another story on OLN this week banging on about the devastating effects that an independent Scotland would have on the drinks industry both sides of the border. Countless articles have appeared in Harpers over recent weeks too, not to mention the main street press. Why should anyone care?

  • 1407 Bottle shot

    Oaked Sauvignons from around the World

    A blind tasting of oaked Sauvignons from around the world on the 3rd July at London Cru, organised by Jean-Christophe Mau and Richard Bampfield MW was a welcome opportunity to revisit West London’s ‘flavour of the month’ venue, as well, of course, to taste an interesting and perhaps overlooked category. Richard’s invitation proposed that: “ as Sauvignon Blanc is so ubiquitous and producers will need to work harder to add value and create their points of difference in future, the use of ...

  • shawandsmithsb_wmsml

    Twenty-five years of Australian Sauvignon Blanc with Shaw + Smith

    Following this year’s win of three trophies including Best Australian Red at the International Wine Challenge for Shaw + Smith 2012 Shiraz, the team are celebrating their 25th Sauvignon Blanc vintage release.

  • Fine wine Bordeaux doesnt need to be too expensive

    Simple advice to grab fine wine at fair prices

  • Scooby-Doo Wine Critic

    Would you care for some Jimi Hendrix with your glass Sir?

    As if the wine trade wasn't already overloaded with BS, it seems the latest fad is wine and music pairing.

  • Skouras

    Taste test: Skouras Saint George (Aghiorghitiko), Nemea 2011

    An elegant red from Greece which hints at better things to come

  • The most beautiful vineyard landscape: Braune Kupp at the Mosel


    A short yet intense 2-day trip to the Mosel proved very fruitful, hard work for the legs and overall a rather holy experience. Her Egon Muller may have just re-baptised me and a whole bunch of other avid wine lovers into the divine glories of Riesling.

More people news

Manuel de Novaes Cabral, IVDP President

IVDP: the growing importance of Port in modern times Subscription

07 Oct 2014 | By Erin Smith

The Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto (IVDP) has been around since the 18th century and president Manuel de Novaes Cabral tells Erin Smith he still sees his mission intrinsically linked to helping protect Portuguese wine and particularly Port.


Sogrape's Fernando Guedes: building Port’s presence in the UK market Subscription

06 Oct 2014 | By Erin Smith

Sogrape Vinhos, owner of one of the most recognisable Port brands in world, Sandeman, has been ever so quietly rebuilding the relationship that Britain has with Port, as he tells Erin Smith.

Mark Dally

Mark Dally on driving wine across Fuller’s 400 pubs and hotels Subscription

06 Oct 2014 | By Nigel Huddleston

Think of Fuller’s and you think of beer. The west London-based group owns nearly 400 pubs and hotels, and the guest beer and take-home market has made its London Pride one of the most popular ale brands in the UK, writes Nigel Huddleston.

Judging at The Sampler

Harpers Global Design Awards 2014: what the judges said

03 Oct 2014 | By Richard Siddle

This year saw Harpers’ Design Awards go global, with entries featuring a range of products aimed at all levels of ...

Pablo Alvarez of Vega Sicilia looks at the opportunities for Ribera del Duero wines

Pablo Alvarez, Vega Sicilia, on the global opportunity for Ribera del Duero wines Subscription

02 Oct 2014 | By James Lawrence

Vega Sicilia was established in 1859, although its modern history began with the property’s purchase by the Alvarez family in 1982, who acquired the estate as joint shareholders. Patriarch David Alvarez subsequently appointed his son Pablo as managing director of the property. Since the mid-1980s, Pablo Alvarez has ensured that Vega Sicilia remains Ribera Del Duero’s most renowned and prestigious wine, for sale in over 25 markets. With Alvarez’s careful ...

Getting behind Grosse Gewächse

German specialists, ABS Wine Agencies and Howard Ripley, on promoting Grosse Gewächse

01 Oct 2014 | By Anne Krebiehl MW

The annual release of the Grosse Gewächse in September is a firm feature in the German wine calendar. Slowly, this important release date is also gaining UK currency. Grosse Gewächse are dry single-vineyard wines produced to a strict quality code by VDP members (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter). The VDP is Germany’s largest and most important grouping of quality producers whose private vineyard classification recognises exceptional, historic single sites as Grosse Lagen.

Chester Osborn on his new range of Amazing Site wines

Chester Osborn on his new d'Arenburg Amazing Site wines Subscription

29 Sep 2014 | By Anne Krebiehl MW

Chester Osborn of d’Arenburg winery in McLaren Vale, on why he’s decided to vinify and release winers from some of his top plots separately.

Andrew Steel, Director of Connoisseur Estates

What's on at SITT Autumn: Andrew Steel from Connoisseur Estates

24 Sep 2014

Andrew Steel, director of Connoisseur Estates, a UK wine agency, tells Harpers.co.uk, what to expect on his stand today at the SITT Autumn Tasting held at the Royal Horticulture Halls in London.

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