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Italy Dec 2016

Italy Supplement: Talking Italian

06 Dec 2016 | By Harpers Bespoke

From all my travels round the country I know Italy has got what it takes with its treasure trove of native grapes and glorious diversity of regional styles. Getting the message through is something else, and between the vineyard and the retail shelf or restaurant list much is lost in translation. 


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  • Rioja 10 x 10: 100 of Rioja's Top Wines 2016

      Diversity in Rioja’s perfect 10 line-up

  • South America | High hopes and challenges

    We’ve criss-crossed the continent to cover four countries this year, and while some are ongoing, others are distinctly new.

  • Spain Supplement: Stirring up a great debate Subscription

    Terroir is a word that crops up frequently throughout this supplement. This, perhaps, comes as little surprise given the debates that are raging in Rioja, among Cava producers and elsewhere in Spanish DOs over a movement pressing for greater focus on site-specific wines and the clear labelling and promotion of the quality that implies. 

  • Italy Supplement: Baffling but never boring Subscription

    For those who really ‘get Italy’, like plenty in the trade, that riotous mix of individual producers, regional styles and native grapes is a big part of what makes Italian wine so special. Italophiles would have it no other way – this is a land to get lost in and never escape from. But in high-tax Britain on the High Street that complexity is a bit of an issue.

  • Rioja 10 x 10: 100 of Rioja's Top Wines 2015

      Diversity in Rioja’s perfect 10 line-up

  • Spain Supplement: Digesting Spain’s wine evolution Subscription

    Creating and then converting a buzz into solid, margin-delivering sales is surely the dream of every sales and marketing team, not to mention generic promotional body or, indeed, anyone involved in retailing a country’s wines.

  • South America | Strength in diversity

    Bringing together the flavours and cultures of South America paints a wine picture that’s as colourful as it is diverse

  • Bellavita Expo | A Q&A with Aldo Mazzocco, CEO Bellavita

    Aldo, who has over a decade of experience in the events and media industries, founded Bellavita two years ago, and the second edition runs from 19-21 July 2015

  • Sud de France Languedoc-Roussillon TOP 100

    The Sud de France Languedoc-Roussillon Top 100 is an annual competition organised by the Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins du Languedoc (CIVL) and Sud de France Développement to encourage producers to show their best wines without restrictive criteria such as pricing bands.

  • Wines of Germany | The New Face of Germany

    supplThe upshot can be seen – or rather tasted – in the fantastic selection of Top 50 wines on these pages, wines that represent the whole panoply of German winemaking, from the traditional to the modern, representing a superb snapshot of all that is going on.

  • Foncalieu | Southern Quality

    Les Vignobles Foncalieu has established itself as one of the most dynamic and quality-focused producers in the South of France, offering an incredibly diverse range of wines from some 5,100 hectares of prime vines. These span Gascony to Languedoc-Roussillon by way of Cotes du Rhone, giving Foncalieu an unrivalled portfolio drawing on all of the winemaking regions across the Grand Sud.

  • Crown Cellars | The Crown Cellars Offer

    With over 20 years-experience of supplying the on-trade, Crown Cellars has a long established track record of offering independent expert advice to its customers.

  • Foncalieu | Quality First for Foncalieu

    In the last fourteen years, Gabriel Ruetsch has learned a lot about the Languedoc. Les Vignobles Foncalieu’s immensely talented and softly spoken Argentine viticulturalist has immersed himself in its myriad meso-climates, maritime, continental terroirs and grape varieties. He has also got to know Foncalieu’s passionate and committed cadre of wine growers.

  • Santa Carolina | A Journey through Chilean Wine

    Santa Carolina has become a point of reference in Chile as the standard bearer of winemaking heritage preservation while being at the forefront of innovative developments.

  • Wines from Rioja | Tasting set for September 30

    If you think you know Rioja, then perhaps it’s time to think again. The annual Wines from Rioja Trade Tasting is back with a bang this autumn, on September 30, building on the success of its inaugural London event, with a mission to demonstrate the diversity and quality coming out of the region.

  • Torres | Wine and Cuisine

    A global leader in innovation and with a Spanish portfolio that spans several of Spain’s leading DOs, plus myriad styles of indigenous and international varietal wines to its name, Bodegas Torres is perhaps unrivalled for the influence it has brought to bear in promoting quality Spanish wines to the world.

  • González Byass | A Gastronomic Approach Video

    The Gonza´lez Byass philosophy of encouraging people to drink a better and broader selection of Spanish wines is strongly rooted in the celebration of food and wine together, tying in education through enjoyable trade and consumer initiatives that embrace gastronomic customs from Spain.

  • International Wine Challenge Video

    The IWC is accepted as the world’s finest and most meticulously judged wine competition which assesses every wine blind and judges each for its faithfulness to style, region and vintage.

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