Research unveils high demand for pre-mixed drinks

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The drinks industry could be missing out on a huge opportunity among female consumers who are thirsty for more pre-mixed drink choices, according to new market research compiled by OnePoll.


In the survey of 2,000 women, commissioned by UK drinks brand Nuba Cocktails, 83% said they would purchase a cocktail in a hotel, bar, music venue and even while travelling on a train or aeroplane, if one was available. While 60% of those surveyed said they would think a venue “savvy and innovative” if it offered a professionally pre-mixed cocktail, served from a bottle, with 85% happy to purchase one if it was made with natural, high-quality ingredients and was good value.


The survey also revealed that 85% of women think music venues, festivals and sporting grounds offer them the least choice when it comes to alcoholic drinks.


Vicky Novis, founder of Nuba, said the research highlights a huge gap in the drinks market for premium quality ready-to-drink cocktails.


She said: “As a woman who doesn’t drink beer and grew out of alcopops long ago I found that often the alcoholic drinks choices in many venues are limited to wine or a spirit and mixer. Of course there are lots of places offering cocktails but there are lots that don’t, owing to the cost and complexity of serving cocktails.


“After speaking to a wide variety of people in the hospitality industry and their customers, I could see that there was a large untapped market for a premium ready-to-drink cocktail – so I created Nuba”.


She added: “This new research tells us that the demand is there so now is the time for the industry to jump on board or risk missing out.”


Nuba has a portfolio of clients in the bar, hospitality and travel sectors, including the five-star Lowry Hotel in Manchester and airline, Easyjet, which Novis says is making the most of the opportunities the new research has illustrated.

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