Brand Opus' Avril Tooley

Avril Tooley on the advertising challenges and opportunities for dark spirits brands

14 Oct 2014

From its invention in the 17th century gin has always had a murky reputation. Poor quality grain and low prices led to a virtual epidemic of extreme drunkenness. In fact, the impact was so great that the nickname “Mother’s ruin” remains with us today.


Quintessential Brands

Quintessential Brands appoints Lizzy Johnson international marketing director

13 Oct 2014 | By Gemma McKenna

Quintessential Brands, which distributes Greenall’s and Bloom gins, has appointed former Diageo brand director Lizzy Johnson to lead its international marketing.


Warninks white

Advocaat brand Warninks launches new liqueur

15 Oct 2014 | By Helen Arnold

A white chocolate and mint vodka liqueur has been launched by advocaat producer Warninks, Warninks White.  Warninks launches white chocolate and mint vodka liqueur The advocaat producer has released Warninks White, whcih launches this month with a social media campaign.


Ian Burrell rum

Chief of the week: Ian Burrell - the world's rum ambassador

17 Oct 2014 | By Claret Pimpernel

As job titles go global rum ambassador is one to brag about with your mates down the pub. Really? Your job is to go around the world talking about and tasing and drinking rum?


Limited Edition Andy Warhol Absolut Vodka

Limited edition Andy Warhol Absolut vodka bottle released

06 Oct 2014 | By Erin Smith

Absolut Vodka has produced a limited edition Andy Warhol bottle of which only 4 million bottles are available.


David Beckham raises a Haig toast with friends

Lock Stock's Guy Ritchie links up with David Beckham to make Haig whisky TV advert Video

17 Oct 2014 | By Richard Siddle

Guy Ritchie, the UK film director behind Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels director and the recent Sherlock Holmes film series, has linked up with David Beckham to make the first TV advert for his new Haig Club whisky.

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