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Tim Loughton

Tim Loughton MP, All Party Parliamentary Wine and Spirits Group chair, urges the trade to speak up

02 Feb 2017 | By Tim Loughton

With the Budget just around the corner and Brexit going full steam ahead, there has never been a more important time for your voice to be heard in Parliament, writes Tim Loughton MP

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Paul Jenkins and Guillem Kerambrun

Q&A: Paul Jenkins and Guillem Kerambrun Subscription

28 Mar 2017 | By Andrew Catchpole

Harpers met Caprice Holdings & The Birley Group’s purchasing director and its head sommelier/group wine buyer at Annabel’s to discuss buying across such a diverse portfolio

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Through the telescope: A look at future tech likely to affect the wine trade Subscription

28 Mar 2017 | By Jo Gilbert

When Uber recently announced it was looking into the possibility of making daily air travel as cheap as a normal taxi fare, the world – and especially the media – gasped with anticipation.

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Distell extends partnership with Stock Spirits to boost its UK spirits portfolio

21 Mar 2017 | By Lisa Riley

South African alcohol producer Distell has extended its partnership with Stock Spirits to enhance its spirit range in the UK.

South Africa Exports 2016

South African bulk wine takes a tumble as exporters play up premium

24 Feb 2017 | By Jo Gilbert

New data shows that bulk wine diminishing in volume and value dogged the success of South African wine in the UK in 2016.

Rollo Gab of Cape Wine Exporters

Resurrected Western Wines concept focuses on post-referendum opportunities for UK bottling

02 Feb 2017 | By Jo Gilbert

The family behind the now defunct Western Wines is re-launching part of its business model to export South African bulk to wine to the UK.

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