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Trade says no to Brexit

Jerry Lockspeiser: Lessons learnt from Brexit

19 Jul 2016 | By Jerry Lockspeiser

Many of us in the wine trade rue the Brexit result. Some, including Tim Atkin in his recent Harpers piece, hope that it won’t be implemented. I campaigned to Remain, twice writing in Harpers in support, the second time urging readers to join in before it was too late. Alas, now it is. The people have spoken

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Rowan Gormley

Majestic boss to hand over £7m bonus to staff

27 Jul 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

Majestic chief executive Rowan Gormley has asked for the £7m offered to him as part of a long-term incentive plan to be shared out to staff – meaning employees could net £14,000 each if targets are met.

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German Gymnasium

Insights: Is cash or profit margin king when it comes to the on-trade? Subscription

26 Jul 2016 | By Erin Smith

How are on-trade outlets measuring the health of their business today?

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Erik Simonics Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup

UK winner of the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup announced

15 Jun 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

Wines of South Africa have praised the role sommeliers have played in driving 9% in the UK on-trade as the winner of the UK leg of their triennial Sommelier Cup is announced.

Bruce Tindale, chair of the ICCWS 2016 planning committee and Debbie Inglis, director of the CCOVI

ICCWS moving to Canada after UK event

31 May 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

Canada has been announced as the successor to England as the next host of the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium.

London Wine Fair

LWF 2016: Technology savvy fair prepares for its 36th outing

29 Apr 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

The 36th London Wine Fair is touting itself as the most technologically advanced wine event in the world.

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