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An indepth look at Italy's vartietals

Justin Keay: How multi-dimensional Italian wine suprises and impresses

07 Jul 2015 | By Justin Keay

Justine Keay asks: Has all of the good, interesting stuff somehow stayed home, to be drunk by discerning Italians? Last week’s Definitive Italian Wine Tasting in London gave a definitive answer: No.

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Roberson's Kensington High Street Shop

Roberson Wine to close Kensington shop to focus future on more ‘dynamic’ channels

06 Jul 2015 | By Erin Smith

Roberson Wine is set to close its flagship Kensington High Street shop on August 30, 2015 to focus its future growth on “sectors that are really showing the most dynamic growth.”

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Audrey Tautou on the red carpet, French brands get sophisticated

Analysis: French brands are now adopting sophisticated day brand building plans Subscription

09 Jun 2015 | By Erin Smith

France is often seen as the most traditional of the world’s wine regions but, as Erin Smith discovers, things are often far more modern than meets the eye.

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Wozani Wines of South Africa

South Africa to hold London tasting for independents and the on-trade

02 Jul 2015 | By Nigel Huddleston

Wines of South Africa is hosting an autumn tasting event targeted at independent wine merchants and on-trade buyers.


South African wine brand Fish Hoek takes the bait and goes Fairtrade

30 Jun 2015 | By Nigel Huddleston

Accolade Wine’s Fish Hoek South African wine range has won Fairtreade certification.

Wine Car Boot

Car Boot heads to South Africa in producer link at Cape Wine

17 Jun 2015 | By Nigel Huddleston

The Wine Car Boot event concept will be making its first foray overseas in a link with a South African producer group in the autumn.

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