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Jerry Lockspeiser

Jerry Lockspeiser: Act now before it's too late

17 Jun 2016 | By Jerry Lockspeiser

It was a glorious event. The Stade de France a sea of Polish and German colour- red and white scarves held aloft by their thousands, black and white shirts everywhere you looked. Crazy hats, painted faces, couples framed by a huge heart kissing on the giant screen.

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Insights: Unravelling the state of Georgian wine

23 Jun 2016 | By Miquel Hudin

The 9th annual Winexpo wine fair in Tbilisi this June saw a renewed focus on kvevri, 8,000 years of winemaking history, along with the evolution of Georgia’s mainstream wines

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Multi-mullion pound campaign promotes Kopparberg’s craft roots

24 Jun 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

The team behind leading Swedish fruit cider Kopparberg has launched a multi-million pound marketing campaign to draw attention to its hometown brewery.

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Vineyards in Franciacorta

Analysis: Franciacorta looks to expand its exports Subscription

22 Jun 2016 | By Justin Keay

It is hard to think of an Italian wine region with a lower international profile than Franciacorta.

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Romanian Vineyards

From Bristol to Romania: How an Englishman became a key figure in Romania’s burgeoning wine industry Subscription

21 Jun 2016 | By Geoffrey Dean

When Philip Cox left Bristol for Romania in the early 1990s, little did he imagine that a quarter of a century later he would be the co-owner of the most profitable winery in Romania.

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Association de Grand Crus Classés de Saint-Emilion

Saint- Émilion Grand Crus 2015 vintage helps to boost interest in the region

16 Jun 2016 | By Erin Smith

At yesterday’s Association de Grand Crus Classés de Saint-Emilion held in London, the 2015 vintages drew a crowd, further demonstrating the relatively small appellation can compete with many of its larger neighbouring appellations.

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31 Days of German Riesling

Launching 31 Days of German Riesling

21 Jun 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

At last night’s launch of 31 Days of German Riesling, Harpers spoke to Lea and Sandeman, who are now in a position to immerse themselves fully in the campaign following a soft trial last year.

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Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde grows up as producers focus in on quality and single variety wines

22 Jun 2016 | By Justin Keay

More than the Alentejo, more even perhaps than Douro, Vinho Verde is Portuguese wine’s big success story, boasting a name and style recognition that is the envy of other wine regions.

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Torres Vineyards Spain

Sauvignon remains useful prop for Verdejo to ease Rueda’s path into the UK

20 Jun 2016 | By David Furer

In the wake of the previous decade’s economic fallout, the once-booming Rueda region—like many others in Spain—has enjoyed a slow but steady recovery as it struggles to keep its prices buoyed while pursuing importers, shelf space and list placements

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Chapel Down vineyard

Brexit: A good day for English wine?

24 Jun 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

English wine might be the only clear beneficiaries of today’s referendum debacle as importers look to the domestic marketplace instead of the Eurozone.

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