Peter Sisseck

Q&A: Peter Sisseck, Pingus Subscription

04 Feb 2016 | By James Lawrence

Pingus owner Peter Sisseck signed a controversial manifesto in defense of Spanish terroir challenging the dominance of the country’s top DOs. Sisseck explains why a village specific approach is essential for Spain’s future.

Wines of Rioja

Wines from Rioja to drive UK growth as sales outpace the market

03 Feb 2016 | By Mathew Lyons

Wines from Rioja is to extend its marketing activities in the UK as sales of Rioja continue to outpace the market.

Juvé & Camps winery, Penedès

Analysis: Catalonia's rebellious Penedès region Subscription

26 Jan 2016 | By Miquel Hudin

In Catalonia, a region that has been actively trying to secede from Spain for the last 300 years, Catalans are nothing if not determined to shake up the staus quo..

Digital edition

Country report: Spain

Country report: Spain Subscription

06 Sep 2013 | By Andrew Catchpole

Spain can seem more like a continent than a country. It’s not so much the distances involved in travelling around the place (though it is big), but the incredible regional diversity that gives such an impression. Consolidated by degrees of political autonomy, the cultural, gastronomic, climatic and linguistic differences are striking - perhaps more so than with any other neighbouring European rival.Click here to view report

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