Rioja cork

How does Rioja work for you? Take the survey

28 Jun 2016 | By Jo Gilbert

Harpers, in tandem with Wines from Rioja, would like to find out how Spain’s flagship wine region performs for the UK trade.

Shop Rioja 2016

Shop Rioja back for 2016

27 Jun 2016 | By Andrew Catchpole

Shop Rioja is back for another countrywide promotion in October’s edition of Harpers in partnership with Wines from Rioja, and is inviting all UK independent merchants to take part.

Torres Vineyards Spain

Sauvignon remains useful prop for Verdejo to ease Rueda’s path into the UK

20 Jun 2016 | By David Furer

In the wake of the previous decade’s economic fallout, the once-booming Rueda region—like many others in Spain—has enjoyed a slow but steady recovery as it struggles to keep its prices buoyed while pursuing importers, shelf space and list placements

Digital edition

Country report: Spain

Country report: Spain Subscription

06 Sep 2013 | By Andrew Catchpole

Spain can seem more like a continent than a country. It’s not so much the distances involved in travelling around the place (though it is big), but the incredible regional diversity that gives such an impression. Consolidated by degrees of political autonomy, the cultural, gastronomic, climatic and linguistic differences are striking - perhaps more so than with any other neighbouring European rival.Click here to view report

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