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Roberson's Kensington High Street Shop

Roberson Wine to close Kensington shop to focus future on more ‘dynamic’ channels

06 Jul 2015 | By Erin Smith

Roberson Wine is set to close its flagship Kensington High Street shop on August 30, 2015 to focus its future growth on “sectors that are really showing the most dynamic growth.”

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Reka Haros of Sfriso winery in Italy

Reka Haros: What are tradeshows doing for wineries?

03 Jul 2015 | By Reka Haros

As a co-owner of a small Italian winery, I often travel to conferences and trade shows. Conferences keep my mind open to what is new and trade shows keep me reassured that instead of running after the trade to sell or wines, we made the right decision to focus our efforts on our consumers.

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Audrey Tautou on the red carpet, French brands get sophisticated

Analysis: French brands are now adopting sophisticated day brand building plans Subscription

09 Jun 2015 | By Erin Smith

France is often seen as the most traditional of the world’s wine regions but, as Erin Smith discovers, things are often far more modern than meets the eye.

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William Hardy shiraz and chardonnay

Hardys pushing Australian regions following revamp

02 Apr 2015 | By Arabella Mileham

Hardy’s has rolled out new packaging for its William Hardy sub-brand, which flags up the regions in South Australia the wine blends come from.

Bruce Jack

Prowein 2015: Improved technology is helping South Africa make "best wines ever", says Accolade's Bruce Jack

17 Mar 2015 | By Richard Siddle

Advances in technology, including the use of satellite and GPS tracking data, are helping winemakers in South Africa make the best wines of their generation, according to Bruce Jack, head winemaker for Accolade Wines.

Accolade Wines

Accolade Wines sees profits rise £4m

16 Mar 2015 | By Arabella Mileham

Accolade Wines saw profits rise more than £4m in the 12 months to 30 June 2014, according to accounts filed at Companies House.

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