Anne Krebiehl

Anne Krebiehl MW gets to grips with the intricacies of grower Champagne

27 Nov 2014 | By Anne Krebiehl MW

For the first time in its history, the Institute of Masters of Wine put on a tasting of grower Champagnes, that burgeoning category of growers who decide to bottle their own wines rather than sell grapes to either a co-operative or one of the large Champagne houses. By doing so, they create Champagnes that often represent a very local, sub-regional character, sometimes down to a single vineyard.

Last Christmas saw sales of sparkling wine enjoy healthy growth

Buck’s Fizz is UK’s favourite festive tipple, says Waitrose survey

25 Nov 2014 | By Gemma McKenna

Buck’s Fizz, Irish coffee and mulled wine top the list of Britons’ favourite festive cocktails, according to a survey of 1,000 people for Waitrose Cellar.

Krug's special limited edition ID case for Christmas

Krug releases three Grande Cuvées in special limited edition ID case Video

24 Nov 2014 | By Richard Siddle

Fans of Krug Champagne can splash out this Christmas on a limited edition special gift box set that includes three bottles of Krug Grande Cuvée each with a different story behind the blend.

Jay Z

It's all about the bubbles: from one rapper to another

07 Nov 2014 | By Claret Pimpernel

Bubbles have long been beloved by the rich and famous. And that love in turn helps to spread the love more widely and boom! you’ve got a stellar success, says the Claret Pimpernel.

Guy Woodward

Guy Woodward: even Champagne has a lot to learn about consumers Subscription

07 Nov 2014 | By Guy Woodward

Comedian and writer David Mitchell is among the more perceptive columnists for the once great Observer, so it was with interest that I read his piece on how the taste of Champagne doesn’t matter. When it comes to serving sparkling wine, he claimed, so long as it has bubbles, and says Champagne and not Cava on the label, any further qualities are immaterial.

Nemea plays host to a three day exploration of Greek wine

Why Greek wine deserves to be taken seriously

14 Nov 2014 | By Panos Kakaviatos

Greece recently celebrated its “Ohi Day” (“No” day) on October 28 to mark the time when in 1940 the then Prime Minister, Ioannis Metaxas, rejected Benito Mussolini’s ultimatum to march troops through Greece. In 2014, much is being said about how Greeks need to say “no” to corruption, which has contributed to the country’s on-going economic crisis.

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