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Climate change: Wineries need to 'put their money where their mouths are'

Published:  14 April, 2011

The world's major wineries need to start "putting their money where their mouths are" and take action on real measures to combat climate change, according to Pancho Campo MW, head of the The Wine Academy of Spain.


He was speaking at the end of the third World Congress on Climate Change & Wine held April 13-14 in Marbella and organised by The Wine Academy of Spain.


The key highlight of the show which attracted delegates from 40 countries was the address of former United Nations director general Kofi Annan.


He said the issue of climate change and the wine industry was inextricably linked. He urged all businesses, to Campo said it was time for the wine industry to show "it's true colours" when it comes to climate change.


"It is times like this when people have to be more innovative, courageous and have more imagination."


He was particularly dismissive of the wineries that are involved in "too much green marketing and not enough action".


Campo said all too often when you "scratch below the surface" of many of these green initiatives there is "nothing much there".


Koffi Annan's address

Keynote speaker, former UN secretary general Kofi Annan, told an 800-strong audience last night that "some may find it odd to be talking about the wine industry and climate change, despite the effect it is having on every aspect of our lives".