Sogrape declares its 2011 Port vintage as one of the best in history

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Portuguese producer, Sogrape, has announced its 2011 Port vintage could have the "greatest potential for ageing" than any vintage in the history of its Ferreira, Offley and Sandeman Ports.


The 2011 vintage is the first that Sogrape has declared since 2007. Luís Sottomayor, the winemaker for the three port houses, said the vintage not only offers excellent ageing potential and he cannot recall a year when the port wines have shown "such enormous structure and robustness".


He added: "2011 has allowed us to create vintage wines with never-before-seen levels of colour, structure and complexity, for which we anticipate enormous bottle-ageing potential, thanks to the combination of robust structure, fruit and excellent acidity."


The 2011 vintage ports from Sandeman, Ferreira and Offley will be launched in May.


Sogrape had been confident the 2011 vintage would mark the first vintage declaration since 2007 for some time. Sottomayor said the harvest's prospects had been extremely promising from the outset.

It is thought the 2011 ports won't reach their peak until after 2020.


The Sandeman Porto Vintage 2011, produced using grapes from Quinta do Vau and Quinta do Seixo, promises a "wine that is markedly opaque, dark red in colour, revealing an excellent intensity and complexity and combining a rich set of aromas. Woody notes such as pine, cedar and cigar-box stand out, as do spicy notes of pepper, nutmeg and saffron. A fresh wine, yet with hints of black forest fruits such as blueberry and cassis. Impressively full-bodied on the palate, with lively, powerful, high-quality tannins, well-integrated with the wine's firm acidity, imparting a remarkable freshness that is balanced by notes of red berries, such as strawberry, and once again the woody notes of pine and cedar. The finish is outstanding: very persistent and complex."


The Porto Ferreira Vintage 2011, produced from grapes from the Pinhão region is a wine, according to Sogrape that offers "a grandly intense and complex aroma combined with admirable harmony. Highlights are floral notes of rockrose, and woody notes, especially pine, heather and cedar. Spices, such as pepper and a slight note of curry, as well as a hint of iodine, are also worth pointing out. A lively attack on the palate, with a well-present acidity and robust tannins. Spices, especially pepper, and red berries such as strawberry come to the fore. A long and well-balanced finish."


The Offley Porto Vintage 2011 is produced from Quinta da Boavista and other vineyards in the Pinhão area. Sogrape describes it as: "A wine with an extremely intense colour. A deep, almost-opaque, red. Exceptionally rich aromatically. Black fruits of the forest, especially plum, stand out in the nose, with woody notes of pine and cedar, floral tones of rockrose, hints of sous bois, and spices such as cloves and nutmeg. On the palate, an excellent body, well-present acidity, lively yet well-integrated tannins and hints of black forest fruits, again plum, but also cherry. An intense and persistent finish.


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